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Transmission Service

Looking for a Transmission Repair Shop?

Transmission Service in Culver City, CA

Kartek Automotive provides transmission service to keep your vehicle reliable. We're the trusted name in transmission repair with over 25 years of industry experience serving Culver City, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Santa Monica, CA, and surrounding areas.

Do I Need a New Transmission?

A malfunctioning transmission can be a scary thing, but it doesn't always mean you need to replace it. The transmission is a complex system where small problems can occur. The most important thing you can do is bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop at the first sign of transmission problems to prevent bigger problems from occurring.

In the event you need a replacement transmission installed, our technicians can assist. We specialize in transmission repair and maintenance for manual and automatic transmissions. 

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Transmission Service at a Glance

Our services include:

Come in for new transmission fluid or manual and automatic transmission services. If you have an automotive problem but aren't sure it's the transmission, ask us for an inspection. We provide service in a timely manner and will discuss transmission repair options with you.

Common Transmission Problems

If you're experiencing any of the following while driving around Culver City, CA, then schedule a transmission inspection with our team:

    Trouble Changing Gears: If you notice hesitation when changing gears or can't shift gears at all, then you may need a new clutch.

    Strange Sounds: Transmission problems sometimes give off a humming, buzzing, or whining noise. Strange noises can also indicate problems with other components in your vehicle, but a clunking noise that occurs when you change gears is the most notorious indication of a transmission problem.

    Fluid Leaks: If you notice your vehicle leaking transmission fluid (bright red with sweet smell) then it's important to get it fixed immediately. Your transmission needs fluid to operate correctly and prevent engine seizes. Save your vehicle by taking a few minutes to find out why you're leaking.

    Burning Smell: If it smells like something's burning, it could be your transmission overheating. You may not have enough fluid or you may have a leak.

These are a few of the common problems associated with transmissions. When you need a transmission shop near Culver City, CA, contact our team. Your transmission is one of the major components in your vehicle, and it pays to have knowledgeable technicians identify any problems and provide the proper solutions. 

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